You have a home, a place of work or something, and you’re looking for the ideal material to cover the roof of it. ‘Polycarbonate sheet’ is an excellent product used in roof coatings, having a high level of strength. Resistant to rain and sun, this material can withstand even strong winds.

These materials, which in 4-6-8 and 10 mm thick, having a wide range of color variations. 

Corrugated polycarbonate sheets are manufactured using the latest available technology, especially stability is a unique product in terms of lightness and strength. In the advertising industry, the density is preferred in the construction industry and stationery. This product, thanks to the widespread use of light transmission polycarbonate sheets, tarpaulin and glass products have become competitors.

Solid, can also be described as a single layer polycarbonate sheets. Solid polycarbonate sheets, transparent roof is a real solution for the desired project. Application of solid polycarbonate sheets as roof and wall must be handled in two different systems. For applications to be made at the front 3 and 4 mm polycarbonate plates are sufficient, while in the roof 5 and 6 mm thick polycarbonate plates should be used.

In close light transmittance of the glass can be shaped according thermoforming and cold bend, polycarbonate retain the very low and very high temperature endurance, solar ultraviolet effect with polycarbonate preventive protection is not affected by ambient conditions, 50% lighter than glass and higher impact strength 300 times, polycarbonate the plates are made of high-quality raw materials