Steel construction structures are a new generation, technological building system that offers the advantages that reinforced concrete structures cannot provide, and that is realized by forming the carrier system with metal columns and carriers. Steel construction construction technology, which provides permanent and reliable service in the long term, is offered especially for large structures and work areas.

Steel, with its lightness, high strength and endurance, more elastic structure and ductility compared to alternative products, is the most correct construction material for every ground class and earthquake zones.
The manufacturing and assembly times of steel structural elements are much shorter than other alternative structures. This ensures that construction, project and costing costs are minimized.
Steel construction structure provides a great economic gain and time advantage compared to alternative structures in foundation constructions and preliminary works of regions requiring reinforcement.
Steel construction structures have the chance to pass wide openings in industrial structures without columns and without carriers. This both reduces the cost and allows the structure to be used more aesthetically.
The manufacture and assembly of steel construction elements are not affected by weather conditions. In connection with the workforce to be used, every point where the human power can be used appropriately provides uninterrupted working and assembly opportunities.
Unlimited solution possibilities in architecture provide a much more aesthetic and future-oriented permanent problem-free use in the project. It provides a fast and smooth transition opportunity in changes to be made from place to place and in enlargement or reduction operations.
If desired, the entire steel carrier system can be dismantled without loss and transported to the desired point in the world very economically. The fact that it can be dismantled also provides the opportunity to work on temporary storage on rented lands.
When desired, all the elements that make up the structure and the carrier system can be produced with bolts. This disassembly feature ensures that the steel construction structure is dismantled, transported, changed, enlarged or reduced, with minimum effort to prevent material loss.
Since the application and follow-up of the steel construction structure is carried out continuously at the construction site, it is ensured that the errors in high marking are prevented, reliability and durability are kept at the highest level with the tests in the computer environment.