Aluminum is long-lasting; The most resistant material to natural conditions in all climatic conditions is aluminum. It is 43 times stronger than wood and 23 times stronger than PVC. Aluminum does not hold moisture, does not swell, does not deteriorate, does not shrink, does not crack. It does not require protective measures against ultraviolet rays, it is easy to maintain and light. Aluminum, which can be made as strong and durable as iron and steel with various alloys, weighs one-third of these metals.

Being a highly functional material, it allows it to be produced in unlimited numbers and shapes. Its design flexibility is endless, it is decorative, it can be easily carried, it can take any shape, it is used in all areas of life. It can be produced in strength and hardness that can compete with all materials. Aluminum is environmentally friendly from production to consumption; It is recyclable, healthy, contributes to nature and economy. Aluminum appeals to all tastes and can be painted in any desired color.

Paint increases the protective resistance and durability of aluminum. The use of aluminum has increased by 85% per capita in Europe and 153% in Japan since 1975. Aluminum is used in many areas, from vehicles to space shuttles, from packaging to construction, from trains to aircraft, from bodywork to decoration, from communication to thermal insulation. Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum joinery among various aluminum joinery works, Aluminum joinery showcases. Shutters, suspended ceilings and facade cladding, windows Doors, handrails, automatic doors, heat-insulated joinery, sliding doors, shutters, shop windows, aluminum joinery profiles used in aluminum construction are special.