The concept was translated from French to Turkish as a “word”. The original spelling of "Concept" is like this. It contains many words such as opinion, understanding, thought, new idea. Concept work can be used “as a word” in many industries. For example, an advertiser may use it for his works, while an interior architect may use the word "concept" to describe his works in the same way.

In order for a work to be compatible with the word "concept", or rather to overlap, the "corporate identity" study must be done first in the advertisement work to be done. It would be a bit silly to use the word "concept" for a business without corporate identity work. In other words, we can call it "advertising/concept" work after the implementation phase of the designs to be made, together with the corporate identity.

Our company has carried out many concept designs and applications by combining its experience in both the architectural field and the advertising field. Our work, which is in harmony with the corporate identity of the customer and integrates with the space, reflects the corporate identity of the company with its professional team. The services we offer in many areas, without tiring our customers, we ensure the smooth delivery of their works from a single channel.

By presenting projects and 3D designs, we show what the result will be at the decision stage. Our experience in design and visual field ensures that the result in the delivery of work is the same as the visuals shown in the presentation.