You have to pay money to buy newspapers and magazines to see the advertisement in the print media, or at least turn on your television to watch the advertisement on the television. Outdoor advertising, which is the only advertising medium to be exposed to without effort, differs from the others in this respect.

Outdoor, which means "outdoor" in English, is also an advertising term; It includes advertisements using the open air as a medium. Outdoor advertising, which started with signage and giant advertisements made with paint on buildings in Turkey, has shown a very rapid development in the last few years, especially with the partnerships of foreign advertising agencies in the sector. These advertising tools have gained an indispensable place with their visual size and effectiveness by using the outdoor spaces that the public (consumers) use most in their daily life. The companies that use the outdoor advertisements the most are the companies that have a distribution chain and want to reach the consumer directly.

It can be said that in Turkey, not signage, but outdoor advertising in the modern sense has been neglected for many years. In fact, no medium can take the place of another medium. Because television and print media all have different effects. However, all channels are monitored by paying a price and spending an effort. In other words, they are advertisements that the consumer watches voluntarily. Only outdoor is excluded from this. When you go out on the street, you come across outdoor advertisements. The place to enter the field of view is selected, and from the moment the consumer enters the field of view, the field of influence begins.

One of the most discussed aspects of outdoor advertising is its positive and negative contributions to urban aesthetics. If advertisements are used correctly and well controlled, they can become the decoration of the city, and if they are used poorly, they can become dirty. Outdoor advertisements are supervised by municipalities. In Isparta, again, the municipalities decide, but they usually place their own advertisements on billboards and stop advertisements, of course, other advertisements are also included, although rarely. For example, like the discount advertisement given by telekom. If the advertisement is not used in the appropriate place, it harms the city aesthetics as well as the advertised product.